Paper recycling has started more than 600 years ago.
Almost all GSPP products are made of 100% recycled wastepaper sourced from the trades, offices, shops and homes by our Wastepaper Collection Centres all over Malaysia.

Recycling is ecologically and economically good. Recovered paper is a vital raw material for paper production.
These are some of the recyclable materials for paper production:

Old Corrugated Cartons
Scrap Trimmings / Packaging Wastes
Mixed Color (MC)
Black and White
Pure White Papers

This recycling process helps in the sustainable management of our forests.
It also saves millions of taxpayers' money by reducing the need for huge landfills. By converting wastepaper to a packaging paper, GSPP has proven that recycling does not only help the environment, it can be a viable business venture.

Besides paper recycling, we practise water conservation by reusing some water from the waste water treatment plant. In addition, we also practice energy saving by converting waste to energy which helps to conserve the environment.

GS Utilities & Services provide treatment of Industrial Effluent and sewage facility to our Paper and Packaging Division. Its treat wastewater effluent from paper mill and other plants within GSPP complex and ensure the wastewater quality meet the standards required by Department of Environment (DOE) before discharge to the drain.


Coagulation & Flocculation Process

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

Aeration Tank

Secondary Clarifier

Final Discharge

Environmental Sustainability Report For Year 2021   (Environmental Sustainability Report)